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At USA Scrap Metal & Recycling we pride ourselves in providing excellent service and rates. We Buy scrap metals. All of our scales are certified and our weighing process is held to the highest standard to make sure our clients get the most out of their scraps. We also have the service: Dumpster Rental

Scrap Metal Wholesale Buyer General Metals in Miami

We buy ferrous and non ferrous metals: Aluminum, Copper. Brass, Iron Scrap HMS 1 Electronic Cables, Steel prepared, electrical wire scrap, Batteries, Stainless Steel, Compressors, Electric Motors, cable scrap, Radiators and much more. Bring your scrap metals to our facility and we will pay you top dollar in the market

We offer on-site metal service. All of your scraps are weighed at your door using digital electronic scales and we will pay the best prices on the market.